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3km to Cirauqui
498m (835)
This well-restored ancient village also makes concessions to modernity. There is a shop, bar, and a fountain in the public garden. (You will find them 100m away on right side of main road). The Gothic church of San Roman may be worth a visit.
Some may have difficulties with the route through Cirauqui. Negotiating the yellow arrow indicators may be slightly irritating. However, try and keep a level head, go round the base of the village in a clockwise direction and continue along the straight line you took when you entered.
When you reach the village continue between houses. Turn right, then left up steps and stick to this path with a staggered junction. Go up unnamed street under arch of tower to the top of a steep street. Turn left on the top into the Plaza and go under arch with stone seats. This is a pleasant, cool place for a rest. On the other side, turn left downhill and right down Calle de Mediodia, second left downhill. Veer right to join road coming from back left. This becomes a track. Follow this tree lined track downhill onto old paved Roman road which leads you over the river on the old bridge. Continue till you reach the main road again, at roundabout/turning area.
Cross the road and turn left a few yards later onto earth road. This continues parallel to main road below to your left. Follow it as it undulates through fields, passing bridge on site of Gothic bridge and medieval route on line of Roman road.
On reaching the brow of the hill (view to main road), turn right down footpath by HT pylon. Veer left along edges of fields. Continue to junction with minor road to your right marked Monasterio de Alloz and Embalse de Alloz (a reservoir). Turn right on road, follow it under modern aqueduct, and pass houses on left. Turn left through two green gates onto a path, which goes over an old bridge.
The river Salado (“Salt River”), runs below this bridge. The waters of these rivers are dangerously unhealthy. Humans and animals were warned to steer clear of them by the safety conscious and perceptive Aimery Picaud. Death, he warned would come swift, to anyone who ignored this prohibition. Piccaud left a salutary reminder of the pitfalls. He says he saw two Navarese sitting on the riverbank sharpening their knives in anticipation of flaying pilgrim’s horses which drank from the poisonous waters. Piccaud had learned the hard way, his own horse was a victim.
Take the path from the bridge and it will lead you under the modern road. On the other side, go right up old road and you are on your way to the village of Villatuerta.

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A SUMMARY OF A PAGE FROM The Village to Village Guide To The Camino Santiago: With Permission Simon Walleberg Press. The Book is available at Amazon & Most Bookshops.