A most welcoming village for a rest. At the church on the hill, you can relax in a shady place and have a cat’s nap. On waking you take in some interesting views.
From here to the Alto de Erro the route climbs along a wooded ridge.

Follow the road through village past Fronton, veer left at fountain, turn right uphill under footbridge over the road and keep straight on. 400m later cross minor gravel road and keep straight on left. You come to a slightly staggered crossing up stony lane, which becomes a footpath. It’s uphill all the time.

Veer left onto wider track emerging from back right and fork right onto footpath. The red and white balises are more numerous than the yellow arrows. Emerge at fork of track and gravel road, and fork left up track with Camino “milestone” marker at start. Shortly afterwards cross a gravel road and carry on down shady lane.

This is where Roland eventually decided, alas too late, to blow his horn in a desperate attempt to attract the support of Charlemagne and his army.

At junction with (walkers’) signpost (2Linzoain 5.7km, Erro 2.850, 0.30h, NA40) turn right and take left hand of two forks downhill. Follow line of  HT pylons. 300 m further on you reach the road (C135) at Alto de Erro.

4km Alto de Erro



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