7, Alto de Mezquiriz

A new sign invites the pilgrim in three languages, French, Spanish and Basque to prayer at Notre-Dame de Roncevaux.

After crossing the road do not go straight through the gate and up the track, though this might seem to be the thing to do. Go left down a small footpath before you reach the fence. Enter the gateway for the woods. The path veers right at a fork into a semi-shaded, undulating woodland. You thus avoid many of the hairpins on the road below.

The left footpath takes you down through a gate to a lane advancing from the right. Take it and 60m later you reach a road at a bend.  Take the old, shaded tunnel-like path, which metamorphoses into a lane. Turn left at fork with another lane coming from T and continue downhill to road at bridge over stream. [Right]: Turn left and then take left of two forks.
Turn right and continue on road for 100m then fork right down footpath, which becomes a lane. Continue across crash barrier at next bend. The road starts to climb again. Emerge on old main road in village of Viscarret.

5km to Viscarret


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