6 - Espinal

Basque village which proudly traces its origin to 1269. The homes, possibly as a deterrent to criminals or for macho militaristic reasons, proudly display some weapons above their doors.

 Many pilgrims from European countries, plagued by high levels of crime, may probably sympathize with these deterrents, and express admiration for the creative spirit.  If you have time, visit the modern church of St Bartholomew.
You have a small but interesting choice of bars, restaurants, panaderia shops.

Campsite Urrobi. Open from April to September.

Turn right on the main road in the village. Pass the fountain and turn left at house No.19 (Aunta Mendi) and take the small stretch of Macadamized road uphill. 200m later keep straight on left for UMUR. Proceed for about 100m, the road forks right to footpath, which takes you into the woods. It’s uphill all the way to the top. The TV mast at Monte Orzanzurieta and Col Lepoeder rears its head over the foothills. Fork right at the top, turn left through gate and continue right along gravel lane. Keep straight on this lane with a fence on the side of the field. Leave the gate at end shaded by trees. Look left and right, concentrate, and when you are satisfied that it is safe to do so, cross the road at Alto de Mezquiriz.

Cyclists face a 12km ascent with some tricky hairpin bends leading to Alto de Erro.

 Next Village: 2 km Alto de Mezquiriz


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Next Village:2 km Alto de Mezquiriz

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